The University of Missouri told him not to bother returning after his first year because of his poor grades so Paul left mainstream society for 5 years - riding in a motorcycle club (with associated economic endeavors), working as a welder, pipefitter, electrician, machinist, hydraulic system mechanic, and starting an injection molding business. During this time he continued his Engineering studies off-and-on night school when he had day jobs and day Junior College while working 3rd shift.

In 1975 he sold the injection molding business and returned to the University of Missouri - Rolla full time. In 1977 Mr. Andres graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems specialty). He pursued graduate level Engineering work in Electrical Systems Engineering, concentrating in distributed controls and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, he holds an MBA from University of Chicago (1980) concentrating in International Marketing with a minor in Corporate Finance.

Paul was one of the management team which in 1985 purchased MOD-TAP, a physical layer LAN company, from the founder in an LBO. Over the next 12 years this team grew MOD-TAP from a US company of $2 million revenues to an international corporation with revenues of $80,000,000 and operations in 14 countries. Mr. Andres was the Marketing and Sales member of this team with operational responsibility for the in Asia Pacific (Manufacturing in Melbourne Australia and sales offices in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines). In 1996 MDO-TAP merged into Molex, a US$ 2 billion manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors. In January 1998 Mr. Andres reduced his operating responsibilities, remaining on in an advisory capacity until February 2000.

Mr. Andres currently focusses on management of his venture capital firm, Andres Investments Inc. Through these investments Paul is a Member of the Board of 7 corporations and an Advisory Member of other companies. He assists these companies through focusing on technical issues in telecommunications technologies, international marketing, and sales. He also the founder and primary funding entity of the Andres Institute, a non-profit arts and education corporation focussed on increasing the state of technology in the arts. You can view an outline of these companies here.

Mr. Andres also speaks world-wide on the issues of communications technologies, trends in computing/communications, human machine interface, and the evolution of machine intelligence. In 1998 he conducted over 40 seminars throughout Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe. For a list of engagements and papers, please go here. Before joining MOD-TAP, Mr. Andres was the technical marketing member of the start-up team for LDI Pneutronics (1983-85), a manufacturer of electro-fluidic control interfaces for semiconductor processing, building automation and medical equipment. Prior to this, he was employed by Parker Hannifin Corporation, a US$ 2.5 billion multinational company manufacturing industrial and aerospace control systems, where he held positions in Sales, Marketing, Research & Development, and Corporate Acquisitions (1977-83).

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