ExF Consulting, Inc.: A Nashua, NH based company which offers web hosting, custom web design, desktop publishing, computer sales, repairs, and upgrades.
  JSI: Technology transfer and marketing assistance through offices in New York, Tokyo and Beijing.
  MODTAP / Molex Premise Networks: Mr. Andres was a founding member of MOD-TAP, a manufacturer of physical layer information transport products for the voice, data, LAN and video. The owner management team built this company into an international organization with revenues of $80,000,000 and has operations in 14 countries. In 1995, MOD-TAP merged with Molex, a $1.5 billion manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors. As of July 1999 Mr. Andres is no longer active in this organization.
  Noyes Fiber Systems: Test equipment for optical fiber channels used in public and private networks.
  Old Stone Barn LLC / Highland Springs, Inc.: Located in the Mount Manadnock area of New Hampshire, this property was originally part of the Cheney estate (founder of American Express). In addition to a 40,000 sq. ft. building of historical significance, the property has 2 wells producing over 900 liters per minute of spring certified water. Development plans include a papeline (easement granted) and loading station on NH Highway 101.